About us

PROMING GROUP d.o.o. is the only company specializing in Europe and beyond, in full knowledge and command of the Iranian business market.

Our origins date back thirty years ago, when our Mr. Franc Lenhart enter for the first time into Iranian territory in order to transfer knowledge and technology, from that time leading bus and truck factory in Yugoslavia to the Iranian company named Shahab Khodro Tehran. Between the two firms has been signed a long-term business contracts, which was dictated by the transfer of know-how for at least 2460 buses TAM in boxes. Parts and aggregates were putted to the wooden boxes, then Iranian workers under our control made assembly and build buses according to our licensee and sent them to exploitation… This was a very difficult and challenging task, since there is such a contract signed for the first time in TAM history. Until then were sold certain vehicles, the transfer of knowledge and technology was a novelty and added value leading factory cars in the country. By the General Manager of the company TAM, I was appointed project leader of Iran, and I was in charge of all activities. All of a material handling, documentation for submission, tools and equipment, which was supplied by TAM and gift business partners in Iran, devices and the assembly of the first vehicle. I set eleven different teams of experts. We went to Iran after we previously sent to Iran 50 sets of buses in the wooden boxes to create a completely new technical, technological and design documentation, standards and control documents, drawings and other necessary engineering to ultimate the project.

1First trucks were driven sets of buses in wooden boxes to Iran

To complete the transformation of Shahab Khodro factory in Tehran, installation tools and equipment, and production of the first bus after the TAM technology, we need 66 days, which was a unique record with knowledge of the situation in Iran and pioneering technology transfer. Upon completion of the contract work and return to Maribor, the Iranian partner requested the presence of a representative of TAM in Tehran, which will oversee the production process, ensuring technological discipline and complaints. Of course, the work was first offered to me, which I accepted, and after consideration of the matter successfully led the next eight or nine years.

There was good time and all was running well until the breakup of Yugoslavia began.

I was called back to Slovenia, but found out that there was no place for me after so many years leaving in Iran. I bring decision to return in Iran and start my own business way. A Company Proming was established and started with placement of spare parts for buses from Europe to Iran. Also I set up several service stations in Iran needed for servicing those busses made by our technology.

I made a copy of the TAM in Tehran

This was entrance to Shahab Khodro company in Tehran

Soon I realize that Iran have 80 millions of habitants of a country that needs and has everything you need for a good business. Over the years, I begin to discover new opportunities, make new contacts and utterly business in global dimensions. Iranian business system is special and cannot be equated with any other in the world. It took a lot of time and money for me to understand how to behave, how to act and how to drive long-term issues. Eventually, I learned their language is that it is fully mastered today, examined the nature of the business and has developed a technology that dictates how to appear on this exciting a large market. After thirty years, I have become a specialist in wholesale Iran, dominate their language, business, and political system, I am married to Iranian Woman and thus meet the private and the social part of life in Iran, adopted their values ​​and started to think Iranian . I wrote twelve books about Ian, including two guides for doing business with Iran and Iranian-Slovenian dictionary. This is enough to be able to help with my co-workers and give perfect service to any company or individual who is planning to enter the Iranian market. Not even in the dreams some one cannot come to the Iranian market and stay there without someone to offer and advise him or give support. Sooner or later, it will be every individual who does not know the business with Iran drew the short end and lost even that such a minimal income for export or sale. Today, beside of all this also sanctions were added to complicate the business with Iran. Until today, we have been helping or assisting at the onset of the Iranian market 205 Slovenian companies and a few dozen from abroad. What we offer and under what conditions it is possible to cooperate with us in a later presentation documents.


Our main activity today is helping Slovenian, European and other companies or individuals by entering into Iranian market and stay there for a long time. This is very important how to stay in Iran and have long term business. After 30 years of experience with Iran, I am today thinking Iranian way and this is advantage which I am offering to business market who intends to work with Iran. I am issuing every month free of charge news from Iran and sent them to half millions people in Slovenia.

My goal is introduce Iran and Iranian business in real picture. I would like explain to all on the World that Iran is a nice country and whatever is presented via medium is created in the way which is dirty and incorrect. Our activities are presented also via TV, Radio, Newspapers and business conferences. I am very proud because 12 nice books about Iran I create and also there I explain a lot of nice and us full data for everybody.

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Franc Lenhart, owner of the company Proming group Ltd.