Proming Group Ltd is the most experienced company in Europe who know extremely lot about Iran and Iranian business politics. We have 30 years’ experience, 25 years to be alive in Iran, speaking Farsi language and our owner have Iranian Woman and this is enough to be ready to give full service to every individual or company by entering into Iranian market.

    • We are representing Slovenian and other EU companies in Iranian market
    • Dealing with export and import of different parts, aggregates and documentation
    • Business relations we have with Iran, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Turkey…
    • For every one we can create marketing analysis and marketing activities in Iran
    • Complete factory, firms or equipment if for sale we offer to Middle East
    • We are specialist for transfer of technology ( Shahab Khodro  is our project )
    • Complete engineering and project management we can take over for you
    • Our owner Franc Lenhart is classified in the catalog under the consultant specialist for Iran, where Slovenian company can use his assistance
    • Franc Lenhart has also authorship portal Export window owned by Slovenian Government- he is covering Iran market
    • We are organizing business conferences over the Slovenian town where presented possibility to work with Iran even sanction
    • In our company and all book stores you can buy our books were also three manuals for working with Iran were issued. For Tourist and people who first time visit Iran or Slovenia we issue Iranian- Slovene dictionary.
    • We can translate any documentation from Slovenian to Farsi or opposite
    • Provide assistance to Slovenian and Iranian firms that already operate with each other but wish to improve cooperation.
    • Even in the context of the new company will cooperate with government institutions of the Republic of Slovenia and participated in projects such as the export window, consulting, and more.
    • Provide the most favorable transport goods to destinations where we operate by air, sea and road.
    • Providing individual counseling to individual firms by the agreement and the conclusion of the contract
    • Ready to take over the agency for any Iranian firm here in Slovenia and Europe
    • Issuing every month free of charge news about Iran and send them to 500 different mail addresses in Slovenia



  • Mobile application development for mobile platforms ANDROID and iOS
  • Website development
  • Complete graphic design for your company
  • Company logos development
  • Development of custom software
  • We can provide you the best computer systems for your company with competitive prices
  • Support and maintaince of computer systems

 Highly educated professionals are waiting for your wishes and requirements.

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